Nooski, the safer, cleaner solution

How it Works

The Nooski Trap System utilizes an expandable rubber latex ring as the killing device. Attracted by bait the rodent enters the trap pushing past the release trigger, which in turn releases a powerful ring onto the rodent's neck/chest area causing the rodent to spring free of the trap and die quickly and humanely next to the trap. Unlike conventional snap traps that regularly misfire or maim rodents, the Nooski System cannot misfire and is lethal every time.

rodent enters
Rodent enters
Ring releases
Ring releases
Rodent dies next to the trap
Rodent dies next to the trap


safer traps

No more jammed fingers and no more poisoning the environment. The Nooski Trap is considerably safer than poisons and snap traps with nothing more than a tingling sensation if released onto your finger. However, as with any kill trap it is recommended to set out of reach of pets.


cleaner traps

No more old bait to clean from your trap or half decomposed rodent to remove. No more poisoned smelly dead rats in your ceiling or under the house. Simply pick up the dead rodent and dispose. The trap will always remain free of blood and potentially harmful diseases carried by rodents.

Easy to Use

easy to use traps

The Nooski system is significantly easier and quicker to load and bait than conventional traps. The unique trigger mechanism means no more traps firing off when placed in position, or jammed fingers when applying the bait.

More Effective

versatile traps

Kills quickly and cleanly every time. Unlike snap traps, Nooski traps do not maim rodents. Mice are dead 100% of the time within 10 seconds and rats 30 seconds.