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Rodent Control Comparisons

How NOOSKI Compares to others

The team at Nooski Trap Systems acknowledge that killing of any animal is not pleasant and do not condone the killing of any creature simply for enjoyment. Killing rodents is essential for management of rodent populations; removing them from the environment or scaring them away does not solve the problem of rodent infestation.

Unlike all other rodent killing methods, the Nooski system ensure there is no chance of suffering or maiming. The unique single entry point of the device ensures the powerful ring is positioned such that the rodent is both crushed and suffocated in an instant. A few leaps and twitches from nerves and muscle spasms are normal with any death, no matter how quick.

At best snap trap kill rodents instantly about 25% of the time and escapes occur about 50% of the time. Unfortunately about 25% of the time the rodent is either permanently maimed or trapped to consciously suffer for sometimes several hours with smashed limbs or a crushed torso. Poison and glue boards will leave the animal to consciously suffer for days before dying in agony.

table of rodent control comparisons

The above data is combined information gathered from manufacturers, government research facilities, independent research groups, and animal welfare organizations worldwide. Although it is impossible to apply an exact science to the results, the table is a fair representation of the effectiveness of the currently available consumer rodent control options.