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Rodent control today is a greater problem than ever before. Thriving urban and rural rodent populations are encouraged by large scale food production, uncontrollable waste, and urban sprawl, meaning the environment for these hazardous pests continues to grow.

Conventional methods such as live capture, traditional 'hit and miss' snap traps and profit driven gimmick inventions, coupled to a growing resistance to increasingly 'watered down' poisons means the demand for a safer, cleaner and more effective solution has never been greater.

Inventing genuinely superior mouse and rat traps is something the team at NOOSKI are proud of and we believe that our increasingly popular patented ring traps will quickly become the globally preferred choice for domestic and commercial rodent control applications.

Our customers say: “Once you've used a NOOSKI you'll never go back!”

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NOOSKI™ is a registered trademark of Nooski Ltd, Rotorua, New Zealand.

Nooski Ltd owns the exclusive rights to the following patents:
US Patent No.7,918,050 and Continuation No.13/585/787
EU Patent No. 1691602
Australian Patent No. 2004294874
New Zealand Patent No. 529970

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